LED Light Tubes: For Cost Savings And Much More

LED Tubes: The Modern Solution

When the time comes for fluorescent tube replacement, consider the many benefits of replacing them with LED light tubes. Once you experience long-lasting, energy saving, shatterproof, mercury-free, flicker-free LED lighting, and you'll never look back. Discover why offices, factories, hospitals, schools and other facilities are promptly making the change.

Key LED Light Tube Advantages
One of the key advantages is energy savings. For example, a four-foot T8 32-watt florescent that's replaced with an 18-watt LED tube will reduce the electricity usage of that fixture by half. Fluorescent tubes themselves are less energy efficient, and they require a ballast to operate. The ballast consumes another 15-percent in additional electricity, beyond what the tube itself consumes. Traditionally, fluorescent tubes used in offices run for long hours. As a result, they often have to be replaced every couple of years; the ballasts needed to be replaced on occasion as well. By contrast, our LED alternative tubes are rated for 50,000 hours. You'll have to run your lights for 12-hours a day for 20 working days a month for 10 years before replacement is required. Another major advantage of LEDs is that they run cooler than fluorescents. Especially in warmer climates, your air-conditioning won't have to work as hard and that means additional energy savings. Another advantage of the LED fluorescent tube is that it's flicker-free. The flickering of fluorescent tubes has been associated with headaches and eyestrain. Because LED lights run off of direct current rather than alternating current, there is no flickering. Many of our customers are motivated to switch to LEDs for environmental reasons. Traditional fluorescents contain mercury and the ballasts contain PCBs. Mercury-free LED lighting has quickly become a popular alternative in schools, hospitals and office buildings. Plus, the LED fluorescent tube option does not contain any glass; it will not shatter if dropped.

LED Specifics

Our LED tubes are made in the USA and they are ARRA compliant. They carry five-year warranties. Our tubes are available in two, three and four-foot lengths. We do offer the 5500°K "day white" tubes. We also offer a 4300°K "neutral white" and a 3500°K "warm white" bulb. All of our tubes adhere to the important UL 1598C standard pertaining to the conversion of fluorescents to LEDs.

We Look Forward To Assisting You

We can always assist you in determining whether internally or externally- driven tubes are more ideal for your application. Some drivers are found inside the tubes, and in other cases, an external driver is used. The use of an internal driver involves removing the ballast and doing some rewiring. Retrofitting with external drivers also results in the removal of the ballast but the wiring is somewhat simplified. There are also single-ended power and dual-ended power designs. The single-handed design has two pins on one end. The two-ended design has a positive pin at one end and a neutral pin at the other.

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The information contained in "My LED Lighting Guide LED Tubes" will help you to specifically calculate the potential savings at your facility. Please click here for more information about our products. Don't hesitate to inquire about our large quantity discounts. Our staff is ready to assist you with any and all calculations needed to convert your fluorescent lighting to modern, efficient LED.

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